Quadrilium Ventures is a venture capital firm providing financing and
a wide array of expertise at seed and early stages for start-ups building
decentralised networks, web3 services and blockchain infrastructure.

Our Secret Sauce


We are crafting a portfolio covering the whole blockchain ecosystem backing companies at pre-seed and seed stages with substantial follow-on capabilities at later stages. Our main base being in Europe, our focus will remain close to our homes but considering that computing and decentralisation know no frontier, we invest in all possible geographies.

Deep Technical

We have been advising Web3 start-ups and building with them since 2020 gathering a deep understanding across all verticals of Web3. The majority of Quadrilium Ventures’ team members is composed of seasoned investors in start-ups and private businesses, with most partners having each 10 years of investing experience.


We carry out fundamental research and analysis about Web3 topics on a regular basis and publish studies quarterly. We consult with our advisors and stealth introducers team to gain expertise in every pocket of the industry, even those which are just a word on the street.

Global Specialised

We established an efficient network which spans the globe and was inherited through (i) the connections established with the 60+ seed and early-stage start-ups we invested in since late 2020; (ii) the specialist media group owned and formerly operated by our founding partners; (iii) our stealth introducers team comprising members who are specialists in their own blockchain sub-segment: nodes, infrastructure, DeFi, etc.


We have invested in 60+ blockchain and Web3 companies since late 2020. Some of them have already returned exceptional performance. Our founding partners have also run a cryptocurrency hedge fund which delivered excellent IRR+112% (2019-21).

Strategic Advisors and Web3 Contributors

  • Frédéric Bonelli
    • Principal investment adviser for SpinCrypto Capital (2019-21), a cryptocurrency hedge fund which delivered excellent ROI
    • Investor in seed rounds of Web3 start-ups since late 2020
    • Author of the acclaimed book The Crypto MBA (2018)
    • Owner of medias cointribune.com and fr.cointelegraph.com
    • Contributor to Forbes France about the 4th industrial revolution
  • Stéphane Panyasiri
    • Serial entrepreneur and investor with expertise in fintech, gaming, mobile ad-tech, AI and blockchain
    • Built and led operations for several ventures, including Connect-City, billtomobile, Ruby Coin and SEA Gaming
    • Expert in residence for SOSV – one of the largest startup accelerators globally
  • Jonathan Quali
    • Founder of Slime, a prominent blockchain consulting agency focused on guerrilla marketing
    • Head of Ecosystem at Massa Labs, a promising Layer 1 blockchain focused on decentralisation
    • Launched phantasma.io and aleph.im
    • Investor in more than 50 Web3 projects