from a
bold vision.

Quadrilium Ventures was founded on the idea that blockchain technology has the potential to completely transform not only the financial world and global economy but also the structure of how we think and interact with technology. As one of the most important moments in recent human history, it presents a chance to combine the strength of digital networks with that of human ones and usher in a time when technology empowers people rather than the other way around.

Our individual and shared history as entrepreneurs, investors and builders has made us keen to embrace this technological revolution. Building on such desire to participate in the world of tomorrow, most of us at Quadrilium Ventures took the jump and this is not their first venture in the field of blockchain technology.

Our partners have been getting interested in decentralised networks since 2017 and have invested in 60+ projects and companies in this industry since the end of 2020. Our founding partners are currently advisors and/or members of the board of directors in 20+ companies building Web3 services and blockchain infrastructure.

Such investment activity enabled the Quadrilium Ventures team to build an important network which is at the centre of our investment strategy from its definition to its implementation. Composed of experts in fields as various as venture capital, traditional finance, Web3 marketing, NFT, distributed networks, and coding, this network allows the fund to thrive on more skills and knowledge than the simple sum of its investment team members.

This network also fuels an incredibly rich pipeline with people experts and renowned builders in their own Web3 vertical and together dubbed our “stealth introducers team”. They allow Quadrilium Ventures and its partners to have access to a variety of pre-vetted projects that spans the globe and outreaches their own extensive network.

Our grasp in the ecosystem is rapidly growing through the number of interactions we maintain with founders, builders, consultants, and experts. Connecting the best projects in order to develop mutually beneficial connections within a community of exceptional founders and market leaders is key to unlocking the potential of blockchain through shared knowledge and resources.

Our goal is to support a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs who – today – are building the technology of tomorrow. We aimed at accelerating the widespread adoption of blockchain by investing our own (financial) resources and by pooling together investors to continue this journey. Our philosophy is to build alongside founders and support them in any way we can, we thrive in: helping daring entrepreneurs engineering the future.