Because unicorns exist in venture capital, we’re looking for agile and dedicated founders with a strong technical team capable of delivering solutions with great product-market fit in a large total addressable market.

We back companies that display what we call “positive versatility”, led by agile teams with the cognitive abilities to pivot very quickly and adapt to a constantly evolving technology and ecosystem. In such a fast-paced industry in which we cannot say for certain who will be winning 5 years from now, we look for pivotal capabilities in the project from the start. Some could say it’s the fuzzy logic applied to start-up investing.

We believe in doing an ecosystem play which consists in crafting a portfolio covering the whole blockchain industry to ensure relevant diversification, maximising potential exposure to the winners of tomorrow, and being able to deploy a large number of promising seed-stage investments. The weighting of sub-sectors, business models and geographies takes into account many aspects, all factored in our proprietary analysis matrix.

We aim at screening opportunities across the globe because computing and decentralisation know no frontier. Thus, we are putting a very efficient grid of experts, founders, builders and investors to work. As an example, one of our strategic advisors is at the heart of the Web3 ecosystem in South-East Asia and helps us sort out the good from the bad seeds through a first-layer check.

We have developed a proprietary analysis matrix which is different from classic tech venture capital analysis we have seen for the past 10-15 years. Integrating the possibilities and risks inherent to blockchain technology could be compared to the consideration of Moore’s law in post-2001 venture capital investments. Do not expect our decision-making to be principally based on traditional financials or tech key performance indicators, it is a Web3 canvas.

We are a team with complementary skill sets (entrepreneurs, VCs, Web3 builders, lawyers, bankers) who believes in deploying tried-and-tested investment processes and operational seriousness at fund level. We have confidence in maintaining an open mind and an orchestral vision of the events and information coming from the market and the people who are building it. We all thrive by keeping on learning and developing new skills notably linked to this new technological revolution.