Quadrilium Ventures is creating and maintaining a number of partnerships with leading companies and brands in their respective segments of the blockchain and tech industries. We believe such partnerships are beneficial for the development of our portfolio companies as well as for the extension of our network and constant increase in deal flow.

  • Slime is a prominent blockchain marketing agency composed of a team that is deeply involved in this ecosystem since 2016, and gifted with a comprehensive toolkit perfectly matching the industry’s needs. Media, tech, crypto-assets and marketing are the team’s main skills to help early projects jumpstart their go-to-market activities. As early investors and believers in blockchain technology, Slime team members will dedicate their efforts to support innovative projects and give them all the assistance they need to perfectly find their audience and successfully penetrate their target market.

    Quadrilium Ventures is regularly resorting to Slime to identify improvement areas for its portfolio companies’ go-to-market strategy, product-market-fit testing, as well as product launch activations.


    Bastion is bringing Web 3.0 to life through building blockchain middleware engines and turn-key solutions based on real industry and consumer needs, creating new advertising distribution, ownership, in-game, and logistics models through building proofs of concept. These include dApps, marketing campaigns and communities for real businesses; driving adoption by lowering the barrier to entry for the end-users; making uses of blockchain technology without knowing it; and educating a new generation of blockchain developers while empowering emerging markets to spearhead innovation.

    Quadrilium Ventures is contemplating the launch of a full-scale Web3 incubator in South-East Asia based on the technical academy currently developed by Bastion.  From coding/management school to advisory and angel checks to start-ups, this incubator will aim at identifying the leading blockchain founders of tomorrow in the region.